The Top Three Tips To Help Plan Your Wedding Ceremony

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

As a professional Celebrant it is my job to guide you and give you all the assistance you need. After all, we want to ensure that your ceremony is as you would want it to be.

1. Remember, the key is for you both to be involved in the planning. It is easy to get carried along with what one of you wants, then on the day one of you is disappointed as you hadn't made your ideas clear, so before you see anyone sit down and have a discussion and make a list so that when the planning starts you have a clear outline on what you both want.

2. Know your budget and stick to it. So often I hear couples say that they are going over their financial limits which can put a strain on your relationship at a time when you both should be enjoying your newly married status .

3. Even though it is your wedding keep in mind the comfort of your guests. You may think it is romantic to get married on the beach at sunset, which it can be if the beach is easily accessible and the weather is good but all to often things don't go as planned with the weather and the wind or extreme heat can make it very uncomfortable for all , so always have a plan B.


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