Updated: Jan 7, 2019

This is the time of the year that is the busiest, not just Christmas, but summer weddings with all the fun of summer.

In the next few weeks I have four special, but very different weddings, and each I am connected to in a personal way, as I either know the couple or I am friends with the family.

The first is a legal wedding… as they are having family meet them in Greece for a blessing…it will be short and sweet but still personal as each wedding I do is different with little personal touches

The second is a mixing of cultural and musical differences…can’t wait to hear the bridal entrance song.

The third is friends from overseas who are finally able to get married after eleven years together.

The fourth is the coming together of two families after sad ends to both their previous relationships… but a very happy union.

Each so different but each are very special…. So hence my saying I love my Job.


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