Baby Naming Ceremony

Congratulations to a new bouncing baby!

What better way to celebrate the arrival of your little one than to hold a baby naming ceremony! A baby naming ceremony is a special occasion in your and your little one’s life where you can express your love, wishes, and dreams for your child’s future and openly declare your support for them as an individual human being.


You won’t have to do it alone

I understand that as a new parent, your life may have turned upside down – in a positive way, of course – as you will have to take a lot more responsibilities in taking care and nurturing a child. This may strip you off your time in planning for a baby naming ceremony. Do not worry because I will help in making this occasion happen the way you have always pictured it in your mind.

I will work closely with you and your partner to make absolutely sure your child’s ceremony is unique and special, reflecting your personal preferences and spiritual beliefs. I will spend a significant amount of time with you and your baby to gather as much ideas and inspiration as I need to help you find the right words and music that will fit appropriately for the special occasion.


An occasion to remember

For every ceremony and occasion that I organise, I do not do it only for the sake of having it executed. I make sure that all special occasions like baby naming ceremonies are presented distinctively, extraordinarily, and memorable. I create ceremonies for new born, older children, and adopted children whenever and wherever you prefer.

Let’s start making that dream naming ceremony happen. Contact me if you are looking for a reliable celebrant in Sydney who can help you create a unique, special, and memorable baby naming ceremony.

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